Your friendly european Ruby conference
Your friendly european Ruby conference

September 18 - 19, 2024
Bucharest, Romania

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beautiful city

Two-day, single track,
relaxed conference.

Two-day, single track, relaxed conference.

18-19 September 2024


With a focus on community, we're keeping it cozy with 100-ish attendees and some of the best European speakers.


Just as the name says, we're just a couple of friends putting together a conference how we'd like to see. Two days, single-track, breezy, friendly, and inclusive.


We are the perfect blend of learning and relaxation, offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere to catch up with your friends or make new ones in person.

Talks and more

We will listen to a few talks and do some outdoor activities together, learning not only about Ruby but a bit of History too.

Walkable city center

Walkable city

Walkable city

Bucharest once called "Little Paris", has a fantastic blend of pre-war, interbellic, and communist architecture for the walking buffs.

great sponsors

Sponsored by the community

Sponsored by the community

Sponsored by the community

Help the community in your own way

Sponsor the community

Production partners:

independent theatre

Incredible venue

Incredible venue

Apollo 111 ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ is right in the heart of the city.

Palatul Universul, Corp B, subsol, Strada Ion Brezoianu 23 - 25, Bucureศ™ti 030167

limited spots

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Grab your tickets

meet Ruby developers from 22 countries โ€ฆ so far


meet Ruby developers from 21 countries โ€ฆ so far



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