Friendly.rb is still on!

Apr 26, 2023

Dear community, here is where we are with our conference Friendly.rb

In the spirit of what we want to do with Friendly, let us share how it's going so far.

First, this is the first time we are organising a conference so pleas bear with us while we get some things right or while we fix some bugs 🙂 in our process.

The good news

All early bird tickets are sold out! This makes us so happy that people really want to come to your conference.

This brings the number of countries from where attendees are coming to 14. That has to be one of the greatest accomplishments of the conference.

We added a general information page for Bucharest with a few good locations to visit and where you can find accommodation near the city center.
The conference venue is still to be announced, but it's going to be within reach of that area.

The not-so-good news

We have to admit that when we chose the date for our conference, we did not think that the end of September would be the most crowded. Now in hindsight, it seems that period fits best doing conferences.

So when we found that both Euruko and Rails World will happen at the same time our mood got a very big hit. We kept discussing daily how to cope with this: I think it could be a logical conclusion that maybe we can reach our target of participants but convincing the big companies to sponsor our event would probably not go very well.

In general, it seems hard to organize fully a conference only with the money from tickets so having some sponsors is essential.

Community sponsorship

But the good part of the Ruby world is that the community is a great one. Thus we discussed with Euruko organizers and Rails World organizers and we found out that there is a place for everybody. They encouraged us to go forward.

So we are going forward with organizing the conference with a bit of a twist.

This conference is about Friendly and about community. So what about we find a way to make it together?

Here is our offer for Sponsorship: One single tier of sponsorship -> inviting everybody that built a company/product/project with Ruby to sponsor for the same price and then get the same level of promotion.

There are a maximum of 10 spots available. We will include you all in everything we do.

So, 💪 let's grow together as a community!

- Lucian

Photo by Adél Grőber on Unsplash