Naijeria Toweett and React-ing to Rails

Jun 6, 2023

📢 Introducing our next speaker, Naijeria Toweett!

🌟 Naijeria Toweett, a remarkable individual who successfully transitioned from a career in Digital Media Marketing to Programming and Product Management, is here to inspire us. With a strong emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency, she has made significant strides in her journey.

🎉🎤 This is Naijeria's very first time speaking at a tech conference, and we're thrilled to have her share her expertise with us.

🗣️ Join us for her captivating talk titled "React-ing to Rails: Why Ruby on Rails is the best Stop for Web Developers"! 🚀 Naijeria aims to demonstrate the possibility of smoothly transitioning from React to Rails and how it can empower junior developers. 💪