The Power of We with Gabriela Luhova

Aug 23, 2023

Gabriela holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Currently, she works as a Senior Ruby on Rails developer at Tutuf, where she has been a dedicated team member since 2015.  

Moreover, she has been deeply committed to Rails Girls Sofia for the past 8 years, where she first mentored aspiring female programmers and now assumes the role of a co-organizer and host. She attributes her motivation and inspiration to the vibrant Ruby community and is enthusiastic about her involvement in diverse initiatives.

Working within a smaller company environment has granted Gabriela opportunities to occasionally assist her team leader. This exposure has driven her to delve into relevant literature, exploring strategies to enhance team dynamics.

At Friendly.rb, she will deliver a talk titled "The Power of We: Unleashing the Collective Strength of Your Team," aiming to inspire other teams to embrace positive change.